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Sunday, May 01, 2011


If you have kids, you probably know that a bandaid can heal anything.  Anytime something happens, "I need a bandaid".  Right now, we're hoping it "heals" Abby's need to shove her fingers in her mouth and nose all hours of the day and night!  She normally has her fingers in their selected holes regardless of what we're doing.  Eating.  Driving.  Walking.  At the park.  Sleeping.  Potty.  Bath.  As a joke, I said that she was multitasking, being able to have your fingers in your nose, your mouth, and continue doing whatever it was at the same time, that requires skill!  A while ago she did get a sore on her thumb from sucking it so much, so I put a bandaid on it.  Magic!  No more fingers in their holes!  Eventually the bandaid came off, and she was reluctant to let me put another one back on.  So she retreated back to her usual ways.  This time around, so far, so good!  Even when a bandaid falls off, she comes to let me know that she needs another one.  I'm hoping that I'll only need to keep the bandaids on for a week or so before her habit has been curbed.  Otherwise, another week of bandaid magic it is!


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