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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Family Pictures

It's been a while.  Sorry.  I guess with Facebook and being able to share instantly there, this whole blogging thing may have gone to the wayside.  In case anyone is still checking this I thought that I would update.  If you're reading this and we're friends on Facebook, than this is not news to you.

School pictures.  They are expensive, and normally the kids look a little "off" in them.  I don't buy them.  I don't feel like it actually captures my kids personalities, and I think it is more economical for us to get a lot of pictures of our whole family for the same cost.  It also helps us to document our family as we are all getting older and growing up.  Yes, I still feel like I am growing up.

So, one brisk day in December (still no snow), our friend from Church, Jay McIntyre , took some pictures of everyone.  Here we are:

There are more than just these six.  But these are my most favourite.  With this many people its hard to keep everyone looking at the camera, or cooperating.  But we've been captured for this year.  I will treasure these pictures and this moment.  I hope that we will be able to take some family pictures every year.  I really like to see how everyone changes year after year.

There you have it.  Another post.  For anyone who is still reading this.


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