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Boy (Brad) meets girl (Pam). Boy and girl get married (1999). Boy and girl have a baby (Lily, 2002), and another (Ella, 2005), and another (Abigail, 2008), and another (Levi, 2009). Boy and girl get a dog (Charlie Brown, 2010). Boy and girl and kids and dog live in Toronto. Boy works at Evergreen (Yonge Street Mission). Girl stays at home with the kids and works part-time at Starbucks. And they all live happily ever after...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hello Again

Quick update, it's already past my bedtime to be alert for my opening shift. Here it all is:

We've moved. LOVE IT!! Everyday I'm thankful for the extra space, quite neighbourhood (ie no 401), backyard, etc. We've already enjoyed hosting two BBQ's for Brad's and my coworkers. Thankfully we were able to arrange for no rain on each of those days.

Lily is done school and moving on to grade 2 in the Fall. Ella has also been enrolled in school for September and asks me to re-read her letter from her teacher which explains when her first day will be. Abby seems to be working on breaking through all of her teeth at once. As well, she has proven to be a master climber as we have found her on the top rung of the bunk bed ladder, on top of the table, on top of the keyboard, on top of ... just about anything! With each kid, the courage, fearlessness seems to increase. #4 is on his way at the end of the summer and it will be interesting to see how he will be different than the others.

Three more weeks of work, as long as I have all of my hours for EI, and then Brad and I are off to an Indian Reserve for a week with our Church. We'll be putting on a morning program for the kids on the Reserve. We're looking forward to this opportunity and seeing what God will do in the lives of the children we see as well as their families. It will also be a great time for us to get to know our team better as we bunk together in a nearby cottage. After this week, we'll officially be on vacation and head up to MBC for two weeks, one of which Lily will be attending her first week of camp. She is so excited!!! Then, back home. Hopefully there will still be a couple of weeks to spare before #4 arrives and school starts back up again for the year. Busy, busy, busy!

There you have it. Our life up to date in a short little blog. I imagine the next time I write it'll include a picture of #4.

'Till then....