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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sider Family Online Photo Albums

I was searching for a place to put some of my "albums" online to share with you. I found I've already added our camping trip pictures from MBC, and another album of Lily dressing up. Click on this link to take a look at the pictures so far. Make sure that you check there often, because I have a lot more photos to share.

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We're Back!!

For those of you who have been looking for our website... here we are! Sorry for being off line for so long. The program I was using wanted me to pay for more space to continue to publish more online. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?!

I've just started to use this blogging website, and it looks like it has everything that I need to keep in touch with family and friends. I've already started to add all of the old blogs (as you can tell, Lily is the most faithful blogger in our family... nothing from Brad yet!).

So keep visiting, I've got a lot of catching up to do!!

New Starbucks Store

As most of you know, I’ve been working part time at Starbucks since March. I’ve recently moved to a new store (5140 Yonge Street) which opened its doors last Thursday. This is a picture of the Partners at our store.

It has been CRAZY busy on each of my shifts. But we have a hard working team and get along well together. Jessica (the only one not wearing an apron) is our Store Manager, and she’s great. I’ve been travelling out to Markham to work at the other store, so I’m enjoying the quick commute over to Yonge Street.

If you haven’t been to a Starbucks recently, you need to go! My new favourite drink is the “Pomegranate Frappuccino Juice Blend”. It is delicious... and nutritious! Perfect on a hot summer day.

P.S. Joan - Even though I’m not standing in this picture, please believe me when I say that I’m wearing pants! :o)


See You Later Grandpa Norman

Brad, the girls and I had a great time at MBC. We’ve come back feeling well rested and a little burnt (sunburnt that is!) We’re hoping to find another few days to head back up this summer.

At the end of our trip, we received news that my Grandpa Norman had died (July 7). We had one more night of camping and then dropped the girls off at Brad’s parents so that we could go to the funeral (July 10).

Our family met together at the funeral home and talked about the wonderful memories we have of Grandpa. We laughed a lot and certainly we cried. It really was a celebration of his life on earth and rejoicing of his new life in Heaven. He will be remembered for eating 12 cobs of corn at a meal, being an Awana leader, camp counsellor, disciplined studier of God’s Word, and someone who was always ready to share the Good News of Jesus with others. At the grave site, the funeral director shared that he was thankful for our families service for Grandpa. Two of his co-workers are not Christians, and they had to sit and listen to the testimony of God’s work in my Grandpa’s life. I couldn’t help thinking that this is how Grandpa would have liked it... being a witness to others, even through his death.

It isn’t very often that our whole family is together, so we took the opportunity to take a picture (above). Love you all!


Father's Day

This is me and my dad. I was trying to show him around our new computer and thought that I would take the opportunity to snag a picture of us using the web cam... in hopes that I would be able to post something for Father’s Day.

If you ever wonder why I am the way I am, it’s because of him. Jeans and a t-shirt are a staple in my closet, because that’s what he wears. Backgammon is my favourite game, because it’s his. My radio is set to the oldie station, because that’s what he’s listening to. I’m a hard worker, because he always went above and beyond. He’s pretty great. Looking back I can see that he did his best, and like the saying goes, knew best. I love him very much, and wouldn’t trade him in for anything.

I’m also fortunate for having a great father-in-law. My favourite moment is when he sang at our wedding. I didn’t think that I was nervous, but once I was up at the front, my legs were shaking. He sang “The Lord’s Prayer”. He has this deep George Beverly Shea voice, and as I listened, I stopped shaking. That was almost 7 years ago. Even today, when I’m in a situation where I’m feeling a little shaky, I try to imagine him singing that song, and it calms me down every time. Thanks Dad!!

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Camera Shy? Me?

It is rare to have photos of me, because normally I’m behind the camera. Growing up I remember jumping into pictures at the last minute and sticking out my tongue. I love close up shots. I guess because there is nothing to hide.

We recently got our first digital camera. I love it!!! Lily likes it too. I’ll try to post her “portfolio” when I get a chance.

I’m not really sure what else to say. Most of you already know me pretty well.

Stay tuned for more posts!

First Blog

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. Brad and I just got a new computer and I’m trying to figure everything out in between the girls nap/bedtimes.

Lily really likes the web cam. I like that you can distort the pictures, as seen above. Lily’s favourite setting is when the picture is split to make her look like she is a siamese twin. I’ll have to post some of those pics another day.

What's Cookin'?

I’m a good helper to Mommy in the kitchen. I like to pour and stir. I really like to lick the bowls too! I like to play kitchen with my baby sister Ella. Mommy thought that we were cooking the cat! Silly Mommy!

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Dress Up

I like to dress up like a cat, and a Princess, and a ballerina. Today Mommy let me wear one of her dresses and her shoes. It was too big. I kept tripping on the dress. Mommy put nail polish on my fingers and toes.

I love to play dress up!


Countdown to Camping

On Saturday we are going camping!!!! I’m so excited!!!! Mommy set up our tent in the living room. It’s so big, I was amazed.

Grandma Norman helped me write down a list of things that I wanted to remember to bring on our camping trip. If you can think of anything else that I’ll need, click on “add a comment” and write me a note.

Lily’s List for the Camping Trip
- Fruitloops
- Marshmallows, Chocolate Graham Crackers
- Teddy Bear
- Drinking Boxes (Orange Juice & Apple Juice)
- Milk
- Hot dogs
- Teething biscuits for Ella
- 4 Books
- Bathing Suit & Floaties
- Sleeping Bags
- Backpack
- Tent
- Cozy Long Pajamas for Sleeping
- Ella’s Soother in case she cries
- Teddy Bears for Mommy, Daddy & Ella
- Hot Chocolate


Strawberry Patch

Today, Uncle Jeff and Auntie Heather took me to the strawberry patch at Whittamore’s Farm. There was a rule about needing to pick ten berries and then I could eat one... but I think I got confused and picked one berry and ate ten! Mmm mmm!!!

Thanks Uncle Jeff and Auntie Heather!! I had soooo much fun!!

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Princess Lily

Today I got to ride my new bicycle!!! It is pink, has streamers and has all of my favourite Disney Princess’s pictures on it. I also have a Princess helmet and elbow and knee pads to keep me safe. At first Mommy and Daddy needed to help me with some pushes. I was able to do it all by myself after I went around the park. I really LOVE my bike!!

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Boo!!!!!

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Birthday Party!!

I love to go bowling. Today was my first day. It was easy to roll the ball down the alley once Mommy showed me how. I liked my colourful shoes. They were velcro.

Grandma and Grandpa Boo came to visit me and bought me a bicycle!!! It’s a Princess bicycle!!! Daddy still needs to put the bicycle together, so I won’t be able to ride it until tomorrow. I’ll make sure that Mommy puts some pictures of me riding it.

My birthday weekend isn’t over yet... there’s more to come!!!

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