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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

I know... it's a little late. I really was meaning to update my blog last Saturday, but it was a long day. Here's what I did:

Saturday morning I woke up at 6:00 a.m. to meet my coworkers Golta and Kimya, at Starbucks for 7:00 a.m. After grabbing some coffee, we made ourselves comfortable for the drive to Huntsville, we got there around 10:30 a.m. We had a quick detour into Port Sydney and looked at the rapids, Brad's and my first apartment, and the ice fishing huts on Mary Lake. Once we got to Huntsville, we make our way to Rock Ridge to go tobogganing. If you've never been, you HAVE to go!!! Everyone has their own snow tube, and rides up the hill on a pully. Whoever thought of making rides UP the hill was a genius... that's always the worst part about tobogganing. Now that we're at the top of the hill, we pull our tubes together and get a quick spin and go soaring down the hill. The weather was perfect, not too cold, and nice and sunny. We had a blast for 2 hours and then got out of our snow gear and went to Bracebridge for lunch. We had delicious Red Pepper and Basil soup, quiche, salad and a sandwich at Marty's, as well as a complimentary shot of espresso, yum! After writing on the chalkboard wall we did some window shopping, and each of us ended up with a souvenir to take home.

I think we left Bracebridge by 4:30 p.m., we were originally planning on being back home well before now. We passed the time on the car ride back by singing to Kanye, Oasis, and a mixed CD that my Dad put together. Its a good thing Kimya was in the back seat and had all the extra room for her air-guitar, air-drums, and performing as a backup dancer!

The rest of the night I was at home with Brad, Lily and Ella. After the girls were asleep, Brad and I watched Mission Impossible 3... it was alright. Sorry Krista, I know its one of your faves.

Sleep must not have happened until after midnight, because after the movie I started to knit.

So that was last week... and nothing new since then. Golta and Kimya took lots of pictures on our road trip and I'll add them once they are passed along to me.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Weekend, In Short

So, here's Ella waiting impatiently for Friday's pizza baking inside. I wasn't able to capture it, but she was actually licking the stove!

Also on Friday, we had a little gathering of some friends, Jaime, Nolan, Darryl and Marsha. A little bit of pizza, popcorn, strawberries, pringles and a game of Cranium and it was a party. Before the partying got under way, Nolan and Jaime read a bedtime story to Lily. You remember Nolan, the single, Flower Creations guy? Why does he always make it into my blogs? I think that he really likes the publicity.

Today, Sunday, Christy came over after Church for a special craft with Lily, St. Patrick's Day pins. It involved painting, gluing, and most importantly, glitter glue. Perfect for a 4 year old. While they were waiting for the paint to dry, they made green hand prints on the newspaper.

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday Nolan and Darryl! Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

I think that you will all remember me writing about my friend Nolan (still single), but I forget if I've mentioned his twin brother, Darryl. I may not have because he's already got a fabulous girlfriend. Anyways, this is the year for my group of friends to turn 30, and Nolan and Darryl are first. Brad and I won't be able to celebrate with them this weekend, so I thought we'd send our wishes over the internet.

Another reason for blogging today, and any time I mention these guys, I'm obligated to let you know that they own a flower shop, Flower Creations (see link on the side), located in the downtown underground. They have a very friendly staff who are able to meet all your flower needs. They are connected with FTD too, so you can give them out of town orders as well. They were the ones who did the flowers for Brad's and my wedding, as well as for Heather and Jeff. Well, actually, their sister, Lori, did the flowers, but I think that Flower Creations gave her all the supplies.

To explain the picture... Nolan's been the one in front of the camera lately, so I have lots to choose from. The only picture I can find of Darryl is of him wearing a dress (yes, a dress!) back when we went to camp. I didn't think Darryl would want that to get around! I'll never get rid of it though, in case one day I need leverage. With today being their birthday, I can't put up one of their pictures and not the other. So, thankfully Nolan likes to play around with the different options on our Photo Booth program, and before you is what they call a "Mirror". Just pretend one of them is Darryl.

Happy birthday guys!!!

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