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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lily's First Field Trip

Today I went to Apple Orchard. I got there on a school bus. I sat with my friends Hazel and Pamela. I only cried once because I wanted to take my backpack with me and not leave it on the bus. We found apples on the ground and on the trees. We went for a tractor ride, and I sat on the hay in the wagon beside Hazel. I brought home six apples. I'm going to make an apple pie with my Auntie Heather and Mommy.

When I got off the bus, my friend Natalia were there with my Mommy and her Mommy and her baby brother Ethan. I was so excited to see her. I shared my teddy grahams with Natalia. I played in the the kitchen, showed Natalia my computer book, and some games on the internet. Thanks for coming to play with me Natalia!!


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Sunday, September 24, 2006


YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!!! I was working my usual shift at Starbucks and in walks BRAD PITT!!!! I'm trying to act cool, like I know what I'm doing. I wait for his order... I can't believe I'm about to make BRAD PITT his drink!!!! He orders a tall white hot chocolate with extra whip cream. I know how to make that... no problem. The extra whip is easy, I'll just put the drink in a larger cup (grande) to make sure there is enough room. Do you think I could find a grande cup?!?! Someone new to the store has completely RUINED the order of the cups, not keeping them in nice stacks of their own kind. So, I'm tearing the place apart, cups are flying everywhere!!! NO GRANDE CUPS!!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!!! Then, Brad and Lily woke me up, and now I'll never find out.

It's probably all for the best. How embarrassing if that actually happened! I now make sure that there are plenty of cups (especially grande) in order ready for the next customer... and in case Brad Pitt comes in!!! Tee hee :o)


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Can you see me now?

I've been told that you may not be able to see this post because we use Safari as our web browser.

If you can see this, please say a quick "hi" in the comment section of this post. If I don't hear from anyone, I'll try to make some changes in the next few days.


Monday, September 18, 2006

The Sound of Silence (aka. Lily's First Week at School)

Lily just finished her very first week of school. It sounds like she's really enjoying it. Grandma Norman came down and we all walked Lily to her first day. Lily brought home her first craft (a magnet for our fridge so her school stuff is always on display). She has seen most of the different rooms in the school (computer room, gym, library, and the office... not because she's already getting in trouble - just to drop off the attendance sheet). She has played at most of the play stations in her classroom (kitchen, puppets, painting, playdough, reading, and blocks... at least these are the only stations she has mentioned so far). Her favourite thing to do at school is having snack when she is sitting between her new friends Emilie and Hazel. After school this past Friday, Lily came out and told me she's going on a Field Trip to an Apple Farm... she is soooo excited!!

I'm not like the Mom's you hear about dropping off their kids and crying because their little babies growing up so fast. The biggest change for me is getting used to how quiet my afternoons are. When you have kids, you don't hear quiet very often. It's a strange thing to get used to. I'm trying to change Ella to only having one nap a day (in the afternoon when Lily is at school), so it's even more quiet. Unfortunately I haven't been able to use this time to rest myself yet. I try to take advantage of this time to do my "Mom" stuff. I'm still trying to figure out my daily routine. Our place is normally cleaned during this time, and then I try to have a quick shower before Ella wakes up, and then off to pick up Lily.

Last night there was an information meeting at the school. It gave me a chance to go and look around Lily's classroom, and speak with her teacher, Mrs. Ovadia. It was reaffirming to know that she is doing well, getting along with the other students... especially Hazel. I was even asked if the girls knew each other before they came to school, which they hadn't, because they just "clicked". Mrs. Ovadia did say that it's nice that they have a such a close friendship, but that this makes them "chatty", and has had to separate them once. I can't say I'm too surprised! I guess we'll have to work on that a bit.

Pictures of Lily's first day of school will be posted soon.

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