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Boy (Brad) meets girl (Pam). Boy and girl get married (1999). Boy and girl have a baby (Lily, 2002), and another (Ella, 2005), and another (Abigail, 2008), and another (Levi, 2009). Boy and girl get a dog (Charlie Brown, 2010). Boy and girl and kids and dog live in Toronto. Boy works at Evergreen (Yonge Street Mission). Girl stays at home with the kids and works part-time at Starbucks. And they all live happily ever after...

Monday, March 28, 2011


Right now, as I type, Cesar (aka Basement Super Hero), is working in our basement!!!  WOOOHOOO!!  Brad was able to finish up all he could do, and we've called in Cesar to finish... everything else.  It's still going to be a couple of weeks until we move everything in, but its getting closer and closer.  Last week Cesar finished installing the lights. Every night I've been downstairs, turning on all the lights, just because I can.  I can hear that he's prepping our walls for tape and mud.  I can't even contain my myself!    Exciting times people.  Boring post, but exciting times!!!

The house.  We've seen progress there too.  We're setting into our routines, and everyone is helping out.  The load seems lighter and easier to accomplish.  This morning I went out for an early morning walk with Lyndzie and Charlie, so Brad was responsible for making the bed.  And it was done before I came home.  Wonderful!  The kitchen has been clean since I posted too.  Well, minus this mornings dishes because I'm blogging... but as soon as I post I'll clean up, I promise!

Um, that's it.  Spring is in the air.  The air is crisp.  Wish it would warm up just a smidge so my walks with Charlie in the morning are a little more comfortable, but that will come.  Progress!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Working Overtime

Everyone is hard at work!  Brad took today and tomorrow off to get the last little bit on the basement done before we call someone in to do the taping and mudding.  He also spent most of Saturday working too.  We are getting closer everyday!  I can almost picture ourselves settled down there, reclaiming the space, and s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g  o-u-t!!  That means more space on our main floor, which we've been living nice and cozy with all seven of us, along with Charlie Brown.  I can hardly believe that we still entertain people through all this.  I suppose I should start looking at some paint.  I'm pretty sure that once Brad is done this week, the rest of the basement is handed over to me, paint, carpet, furniture, pictures, etc.  I'm looking forward to it.

In my last post I was complaining about my to-do list, but I think I've figured it out.  I just have everyone clean up their own mess!  I'm sure no one has ever thought of that before, but its marvelous!  And so far so good. 

Kitchen: dishes are cleaned after every meal.  The kids are responsible for clearing their dishes, and the adult who made the meal is in charge of cleaning the bigger dishes.  We've figured out the best time to run the dishwasher is right after breakfast dishes have been cleaned.  With all the people eating at the house, we normally only run it once a day, hand washing all the rest of the stuff that doesn't fit. 

Laundry: I'm still in charge of that.  I wash and fold, but everyone is responsible for putting away their own clothes... even Brad. 

Bedrooms:  The kids are also asked to spend time cleaning their room for 15 minutes.  The room is normally clean faster than that, but the kids like to beat the clock.  I'm not looking for perfection, but I just don't want to be stepping on anything when I walk in their room.  The toys don't need to be organized (until we move the girls downstairs!), but they need to be in the right area, not scattered all over the place.  The girls are responsible for tidying their beds too, which means Brad and I need to as well.  We've decided that whoever gets out of bed last makes the bed.  That's normally me anyway, but not today! 

Bathrooms: During my nighttime routine, I give everything a good wipe down.  This keeps it looking nice everyday and I'll do a good scrub once a week where ever it fits in. 

Wow, sounds like I have a pretty messy house!  Which, I know I don't.  My neat-freak personallity means that I always see something that needs to be cleaned, organized and straightened.  I've tried to give that up.  With all the people in the house, it's just too much responsibility to carry all by myself.  So, I don't.  This is a lot more manageable.

Joan, I'm NOT pregnant!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

See you in September?

This blogging is hard stuff!  I last posted something in October... it's MARCH now.  BTW, happy birthday Nolan and Darryl... how does it feel to share your birthday with Justin Bieber!!!!  Maybe I could get you purple hoodies to celebrate?  Or should we go see "Never Say Never" - it's in 3D!!  (This makes me sound like a superfan... I'm not.  In case it doesn't translate on the screen you're reading this, I'm being sarcastic.)

I gotta come up with a routine for blogging!  My friend Jenny has a 365 day project where she posts a picture a day and a short paragraph or two of whats going on.  Sometimes its just a picture of Starbucks cups, representing a (well deserved) date with her husband.  Maybe I'll save this project/routine for my New Years resolution for 2012.

Like everything right now, I'm feeling behind.  The kitchen needs to be cleaned, laundry is starting to pile up, the girls room is a disaster... too much for me to ask them to help.  I normally help clean up the floor (which actually means putting most of the stuff on their dresser or beds) and then they'll come in and put things away.
Enough complaining about what I should be doing... because I'm obviously blogging and this has become my priority right now... or does this mean that I'm crossing something off my list of to-dos?

Kids.  They're all good.  Teacher interviews were last week, and we obviously like to hear all the wonderful things the kids are doing.  Best thing?  Lily is reading above her grade level!  We've tried to encourage her with purchasing a couple of chapter books, and some younger books she can practice reading to Ella for her to listen and follow along.  Another plus is that Ella is at par with her classmates.  It's only SK, but its French, so we were worried that she wasn't picking things up as easily as Lily seemed to.  I think that we'll see a huge growth in Ella's French next year when she is at school all day.  And I'll know for SURE she's got it when the girls start speaking to each other so Brad and I don't understand what they're saying!  Heather and I used to do that with Sign Language and it would drive my Mom CRAZY!  Ha ha!

Basement, yes, we're still working on it...

Brad got a haircut. It was the first time that I decided to go with him. Last time he hardly got anything cut off, and he never said anything. I'm sure that Brad was upset when I kept telling the lady that there was too much bulk here, and there, a little more. When we walked out of the door, I asked if that was the last time I was allowed to come with him... BUT, he looks SO GOOD!!! It didn't seem very genuine (maybe because I was laughing when I said it) but he was upset that it was shorter than he had wanted it. Thanks to everyone for complementing his new look. He may have forgiven me. And he does look good! No giggles.

Well, now I seem to just be thinking of things to write about.  It's not interesting.  And there are all these other things that seem to be nagging me on my list....

See you in... September?