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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Red Carpet

Brad and I really enjoy movies and every year we try to see each of the movies which have been nominated for Best Picture before the Oscars. The red carpet, and watching the actual ceremony is always really fun. We comment on hair, costumes and who's with who. We try to pick who will take home the little golden statue. Normally, this evening is watched with family and friends. This year Lily joined us for the traditional pre-Oscar Red Carpet. Thankfully Joan & Melissa Rivers weren't involved in the Red Carpet interviews so we didn't need to worry about language that we wouldn't want her to hear.

Along with the movie stars, Lily joined in and wore Auntie Heather's wedding tiara along with a flower girl dress that she wore to my Aunt and Uncles wedding back in the late 1970's. She was asking about each of the actresses names, and said that when she grows up that she wants to be a Princess Movie Star.

Here's a sneak peek at the before pictures all the entertainment magazines will be clamoring for when she makes it big.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today's Special... Dirt & Worms

My sister Heather comes over to visit once or twice a week. I would say that she's visiting me, but I think that really she is here for my girls. Because of Heather, there is a "Lily's Beauty Shop". Since my first mention on this site there has been a swell of clients waiting to be pampered by Miss. Lily. Due to the increase in clients, we have just completed some much needed expansion renovations. You will notice that there is now a waiting area, decked out with magazines to browse through. The new beauty tabletop showcases all the varieties of nail polish options for your manicure and/or pedicure. We also have a tv for you to stay up-to-date on all your favourite shows. There must have been a back order on the stools, and that's why Heather, and the rest of Lily's clients are on the floor. I assure you that this is only temporary, and we are sorry for the inconvenience. Ella is the newest employee, and is responsible for reception. She is currently in her cosmetology training right now, so doesn't have any clients at this time.

In addition to the beauty shop, I am pleased to make you aware of the hottest eating spot in the world, "Lily's Diner". I think it was two weeks ago that Heather was over and thought it would be a good idea to introduce Lily to one of her favourite dishes, Dirt & Worms. At first Lily thought that wouldn't be a very good idea, and then she found out what the ingredients would be: chocolate pudding, Oreo cookie crumbles and gummy worms. Here are some pictures of Lily taking our orders and the finished product.

What will Lily do next? Stay tuned.....

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fresh Flowers Heeeeere!

My long time friends, the Milec's, own a flower shop, "Flower Creations", downtown in the underground. As yesterday was Valentine's Day, you can imagine how busy they were. For the past two years, Jaime and I have helped serve the masses purchase their sweethearts flowers. A lot more goes into those Valentine flowers than you would think. Roses are in demand, so the prices are high, but behind the scene of the pretty displays, and smiling staff, there is a back room packed full of flowers (many I had never seen before). Here in the dark confines, my Dad, myself and another full time staffer at Flower Creations, Ilda, worked hard at stripping (Get your head out of the gutter! It means we were taking the thorns and extra leaves off the roses), cutting, quick dipping, water picking, tissue-ing, Salal-ing (green leaves), Baby's Breath-ing, boxing and sticker-ing. Then repeat a million more times. That's all before it even hits the store! Fun times.

As I said, my Dad volunteered his time for three days to prepare for Valentine's, a little more for a distraction I think than really having any kind of interest in flowers. I think he had a blast! Especially on the last day when he, Jaime and I were at the kiosk. The last hour or two, they normally slash their prices to get rid of their stock. Dad had the job of letting everyone know. As the herds of people were passing by they would hear, "DOZEN ROSES! HALF PRICE, ONLY $30!". He did this over and over again until he lost his voice. His voice was still a little hoarse this past weekend when I went up to visit him. You wouldn't think that flowers would tucker you out at the end of the day, but as soon as Dad sat down on the subway on the way home, he was out.

Speaking of flowers, there were lots at my Mom's funeral, many sent from you. It was a beautiful service, and many people were able to come the distance to support us. Because the Oscars are coming up this Sunday, the award for best friends goes tooooo..... Krista Powell, Kim Powell and Jaime Simpson!!! Krista came from Calgary for an extended weekend to be with me. I guess I'm thankful that she's unemployed right now and was able to make the trip... although while she was here I was able to recommend Starbucks as a possible future employer. Kim wasn't able to be here because of a previous commitment, but I believe that she's the reason Krista was able to come out in the first place. Jaime, because she is so close, was able to be with me a lot, and even came to the hospital to visit with my Mom. More than anything, it was the both of us visiting and knitting, Mom was sleeping. Thanks a million girls!

I must also give honourable mention to Nolan Milec, who lent his car to Jaime for the weekend so that her and Krista were able to travel to the funeral. Now, it was also fortunate that he had to get rid of his car to make room for all the Valentine's flowers in their make shift garage/flower freezer. But I believe it was mostly out of the goodness of his heart. This is the same guy I was talking about a few posts ago... still single ladies!!!

Another honourable mention goes to my in-laws, who became a bed and breakfast not only for Brad, Lily, Ella and I, but also to Jaime and Krista. We talked a lot about knitting, and looked through the new pattern book Mom Sider had just bought. After every one had gone to bed, the girls and I had some fun trying on a fur hat we found in the closet. That was way too much fun! Jaime and Krista had their own adventures on the Friday as they toured Lindsay for the afternoon. You'll have to read about that on Jaime's blog.

Okay, I think that catches everyone up to date. Over and out.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I imagine that most of you who read this blog have already heard that my Mom passed away on Monday night. Heather, my Dad and I had a good visit with her during the day. She was very talkative while we were there, saying that she wanted to go Home. That morning, we listened to a taped message by Joni Eareckson Tada titled "Let's Do Heaven". Mom even joined Joni while she sang "Higher, higher lift up Jesus higher".

We are so thankful to you, our family and friends, who have supported us since Mom was diagnosed with Cancer back in October. You have visited, called, wrote/emailed, and most importantly prayed.

There will be a memorial service held this Saturday at Fenelon Falls Baptist Church. Visitation will be at 10:00 a.m. followed by the service at 11:00 a.m. Donations can be made to Princess Margaret Hospital or to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Our Mom will be greatly missed... but we are not without hope! Mom believed and trusted her life to God. Her body is dead, but she is alive and completely healed.


Thursday, February 01, 2007


Here's what's been going on lately. Mom has been at Baycrest Hospital now for two weeks. I think that everyone is finding the hospital really convenient to our place. It is only an 8 minute walk, verses walking to Yorkdale, taking the subway to Queen's Park and then walking to Princess Margaret Hospital. Although, I think Lily is missing going to the Magic Castle. It's a free daycare for patients and their families to use, and she loves it "more than school". It was a really nice perk at that hospital for sure.

Mom is still receiving excellent care at Baycrest. Her nurse, Allan, is great. He calls Mom his girlfriend, and tells her she's gorgeous. Her doctor is also very patient and listens to Mom and Dad's questions and concerns during his morning visits. Since she's been admitted to Baycrest, her pain medication has more than doubled, which is making her very drowzy, and sometimes confused. Just yesterday, the dietician changed her over to a puree diet to make feeding her a little easier. Even though Mom seems to be confused sometimes, it sounds like she was really aware yesterday afternoon when Pastor Scott, Mrs. Scott and her friend Diane were in to visit. Everyone joined in singing some hymns, and Mom was saying she has nothing to fear because she is leaning on Jesus.

Dad finally had his hernia operation on Tuesday at the Lindsay Hospital. Sounds like it was a good experience, as he doesn't remember going under, or even waking up after the operation. He had to ask the nurse when they were going to get started, and then was told it was already over. He's hobbling around a bit, but I think he'll be okay in no time. Even though we're so close, I think that I'll be chauffeuring him to and from Baycrest for the next week or so.

While Dad was out of commission, my Auntie Edith, Heather and I tried to beef up our visiting hours with Mom so she wouldn't be alone. My Aunt especially spent a lot of time at the hospital, or looking after Lily and Ella for me so I could visit with Mom by myself. Thanks so much!!! :)

In other news... my friend Jaime and I have been busy working our way through the first two seasons of Veronica Mars, which were lent to us from Krista and Kim in Calgary when they were visiting over the Christmas break. I promised that I would only watch the show with Jaime, and not go ahead, but curiosity got the best of me and while we were in the middle of the first season I skipped to the last episode to see who-done-it. Before you tar and feather me for breaking my promise... I confessed to Jaime in the morning, and she forgave me. What a great friend! For season two, I've been good and keep the DVD's tucked away so I'm not tempted. We only have five more episodes to go... which I think we'll finish on Monday night. If you've never watched Veronica Mars, I would highly recommend it. You really should watch it in order, but you'll catch on quickly if you just watch when it is regularly scheduled on tv. It's mysterious, funny, and smart. You'll love it for sure... and you'll be tempted to skip to the last DVD too!

Tonight, Brad and I (as long as I can get rid of my shift at work) are off to an information meeting about the French Immersion program offered for Lily next year. I think she'll pick it up pretty quickly. She seems to be really interested in other languages. Her Spanish words have been thanks to Dora The Explorer, her Uncle Drew and Auntie Heather. She knows her colours, numbers and even a couple of songs in Spanish. My friend from work, Diana, is from Colombia, and Lily will practice her Spanish out on her, "Hola Miss Diana". Diana has even given Lily some Spanish colouring pages for her. For a while Lily would only watch her Madagascar movie in Spanish... thank goodness for English subtitles! Lily has also learned how to count to 5 in Chinese, so she thinks that she's fluent. What a funny kid!

Normally I have a picture go with my blogs, but I've covered a couple different topics. Here's my favorite pic of my Dad and Lily tickling each other.

Over and out.

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